The kitchen is the most important room in the house and, when designing it, the right choice of materials can make all the difference. Lapitec knows precisely how to give your kitchen a timeless feel, adding brightness and elegance. A difference that can easily be perceived, especially through the sense of touch. Genuine colours that are well-suited to a range of different styles, both modern and classic, and to a number of different materials, such as wood, steel and glass.
Combining aesthetic elegance with high levels of physical-mechanical performance, Lapitec proves to be the best possible solution in the kitchen; in fact, it only requires minimum maintenance and guarantees maximum levels of hygiene. Luxury is also about being able to place a hot pan on your work surface without having to worry. In addition to being able to withstand high temperatures, Lapitec is also non-absorbent, meaning that the surface does not perish over time, as it prevents external agents from staining, ruining or damaging it.
Lapitec can be used in countless ways in the kitchen, all of them elegant and sophisticated.

Top Cucina bianco di design in pietra sinterizzata


Lapitec is one of the best materials for kitchen worktops, offering complete design freedom.
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Top cucina da esterno bianco in pietra sinterizzata - Lapitec


Lapitec slabs are highly resistant, making them perfect for outdoor applications, such as outdoor kitchen worktops and barbecue areas.
Lavello interato nero in pietra sinterizzata "Orion".


Orion is the exclusive, built-in kitchen sink that completes the Lapitec worktop, offering a seamless appearance between the worktop and the sink.
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Rivestimento per cucine di design bianco in pietra sinterizzata


Lapitec offers a splash-proof solution for walls as well as finishes for furniture, drawers, side pieces and all kitchen surfaces.


for your kitchen
  1. Available in a range of thicknesses: 12, 20, 30 mm
  2. Highly resistant to heat and high temperatures
  3. Highly stain resistant
  4. Highly scratch resistant
  5. Highly resistant to abrasions
  6. Its dimensions are not subject to change
  1. Fireproof
  2. Resistant to acids, bases and solvents
  3. Non-absorbent
  4. Completely non-porous
  5. Inhospitable to bacteria and mould
  6. Easy to clean
  7. Moisture resistant


Lapitec gives you the chance to create exceptional tactile sensations in your kitchen, choosing not only the colour of your worktop, but also the surface texture too. Some of the most popular finishes for the kitchen include ‘Lux’, offering high-gloss surfaces; the ‘Satin’ finish, creating a velvety effect; and, ‘Vesuvio’, giving your top a structured and solid look.  

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