For Lapitec, it is of key importance to offer its customers a material that is always perfect, made by skilled professionals who are properly trained and kept up to date on technological developments as well as processing and design techniques.

This is why the Lapitec Academy was created, Lapitec’s training and after-sales service dedicated to fabricators.



The academy begins with a training course, after which attendees receive a certificate and are included in the “Approved Fabricators” list.
Approved Fabricators have perfect know-how of the material and can become a point of reference for customers who can place their trust in them, safe in the knowledge that they are receiving an excellent slab fabrication service.
To date, Lapitec has over 1,200 Approved Fabricators across the world. 

During the training period, stonemasons learn about the most suitable and correct practices for working with Lapitec. How to handle the material and what tools to use. They also learn how to master surface sanitisation procedures and how to clean the slabs after installation using the most suitable products. In this way, they act as a real guarantee for the entire supply chain.



Lapitec’s technical department provides continuous support for each type of sintered stone application and is always on hand to provide step-by-step support to fabricators, architects and designers as part of any architectural project, from the initial estimates through to creation.
Tailor-made management of each project, which is of great use to both the designer and the end customer. 

How do you install a sink inside a Lapitec top? How can I decorate this material with milling, engraving and back-lighting? What parameters do I have to set for milling or CNC machines?
Lapitec’s processing manuals and tutorials are available in order to answer these questions and any doubts regarding testing, installation and machining the material.