The heart of domestic activities, the kitchen today is above all exploration, fascination and research. And after twenty years of scientific research, Lapitec has created a 100% natural material with unique performance, offering design flexibility, high resistance and a refined, elegant aesthetic. Lapitec is the best material for custom-made kitchen worktops. It is easily workable and available in multiple shades of roughness, from white to black through various browns, greys and veins.

Top Cucina bianco in Lapitec in cucina di design
Piano Cucina bianco in Lapitec, naturale e facile da pulire

Hygiene and cleanliness above all.

Thanks to the patented production process by which it is created from natural minerals without additives or petroleum derivatives, Lapitec is safe, hygienic and suitable for contact with food. Its non-porous and antibacterial surface is inhospitable to dirt and mould, and therefore easy to clean. For these reasons, Lapitec has obtained the prestigious NSF Food Zone certification, which ensures its suitability for contact with food. 
Cucina di design in Lapitec
Personalizzazione del top cucina in pietra sinterizzata Lapitec

Infinite customisation possibilities.

In addition to the constantly developing surface nuances and textures, Lapitec offers a wide range of customisation options for bespoke kitchen worktops: it can be easily engraved, cut and milled to create drainage grooves, integrate flush-mount sinks or technologies used in professional kitchens, such as under-top food warmers, or cooling tops for bottles or induction appliances. Lapitec is a “full-body” material that is identical throughout and not printed. This means that when cutting it or working its edges to create straight, panelled/ribbed or bullnose coping and the like, it remains identical in colour and decoration and ensures excellent detail. Lapitec also offers a series of integrated sinks from the Orion collection, which can be customised and are identical in finish to natural stone.
25 anni di garanzia per i piani cucina Lapitec

Performance guaranteed for 25 years.

Lapitec is available in XXL slabs up to 3440 mm, in three thicknesses: 12, 20 and 30 mm. It is resistant to all temperatures, as well as to stains, scratches, cuts and shocks. It is impervious to acids, bases and solvents, UV rays and salt spray when installed for kitchen worktops in the marine industry. The beauty of Lapitec’s stone effect is unalterable and after years remains as good as the first day, which is why it is guaranteed for up to 25 years.


which make Lapitec ideal for kitchen worktops
  1. Warranty for up to 25 years
  2. NSF certification for direct contact with food
  3. Available in multiple thicknesses: 12, 20, 30 mm
  4. Highly resistant to heat
  5. Highly resistant to stains
  1. Highly resistant to scratches
  2. Impervious to acids, bases and solvents
  3. Non-absorbent
  4. Completely non-porous
  5. Resistant to bacteria and mould growth


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