Pool & Spa

Experience a sense of well-being surrounded by luxury, hi-tech cladding for your dream swimming pool and spa area.
Innovative and chic cladding to give your swimming pool and spa area that special touch of uniqueness. 

Choosing the right materials for this type of application is key if you want your wellness project to be a success. They have to look fantastic at the same time as meeting fundamental requirements in terms of hygiene and resistance to moisture, water corrosion and sunlight

Large Lapitec slabs allow for wellness areas to be designed down to the last detail: from the paving to the cladding, from the pool surround to the walkways and steps.

Rivestimenti per piscine in pietra sinterizzata Lapitec


Thanks to Lapitec’s high resistance to outdoor environmental conditions and the non-slip performance offered by the most structured finishes, this material is perfect for cladding both indoor and outdoor pools, as well as for the paving around the swimming pool itself.
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Rivestimenti Spa design in pietra sinterizzata Lapitec


Lapitec’s great resistance to both high and low temperatures and damp conditions make it a versatile material that’s perfect for spas, relaxation corners and wellness areas.


for your pool cladding?
  1. Available in a range of thicknesses: 12, 20, 30 mm
  2. Resistant to UV rays
  3. Moisture resistant
  4. Highly stain resistant
  5. Highly scratch resistant
  6. Highly resistant to abrasions
  7. Highly resistant to heat and high temperatures
  1. Frost resistant
  2. Its dimensions are not subject to change
  3. Completely non-porous
  4. Inhospitable to bacteria and mould
  5. Highly resistant to bacteria
  6. Resistant to acids, bases and solvents
  7. Non-absorbent


The Lux, Satin and Lithos finishes brighten up the surroundings and create suggestive tactile sensations for dream swimming pools. The Vesuvio and Fossil finishes offer the greatest non-slip performance and are therefore most recommended for swimming pool surrounds or for sauna cladding. Each finish comes in a range of different shades, which are all soft and modern.

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