Kitchen worktops

Lapitec® is an innovative sintered stone material which is perfect for kitchen worktops. Lapitec® is highly resistant to scratches, abrasions, high temperatures and staining; these properties make it the perfect choice for a modern-looking kitchen worktop and for surfaces meant to be long lasting and highly resistant.
Lapitec® large slabs, are ideal for every kitchen surface, from countertops and kitchen islands to sinks and fooring.

Kitchen worktops

Lapitec® sintered stone slabs are ideal for kitchen worktops, furnishing, drawers, shelves and all those surfaces that need high resistance to heat, abrasions and scratches. Design flexibility is ensured by the large format of Lapitec® slabs, which can be effectively used for particular shapes.

Outdoor kitchens and BBQs

Lapitec® is highly resistant to high temperatures, UV rays and extreme weather conditions: these properties make it perfect also for outdoor kitchen worktops and BBQ kitchens, which are required to be long lasting. 
Resistance to staining, abrasions and scratches completes Lapitec® properties.

Colours and finishes

A wide range of colours and natural finishes offer to architects and designers the possibility to customize every single project making it suitable to the type of application. 
“Vesuvio”, “Satin” and “Lux” are the most suitable finishes for kitchen surfaces, commonly used for worktops, drawers and paving both for indoor and outdoor kitchens.
Every texture offers high resistance to abrasions and scratches, as well as to high temperatures and staining.

Why choosing Lapitec® for kitchen worktops

•    calibrated thicknesses of 12, 20 or 30 mm
•    highly resistant to heat and high temperatures
•    highly resistant to staining
•    highly resistant ro scratches
•    highly resistant to deep abrasions
•    dimensional stability
•    resistant to acids and alkalis
•    nonabsorbent
•    completely non porous
•    resistant to mould and bacteria
•    easy to clean
•    long lasting
•    antibacterial 
•    moisture resistant