Sintered stone bathroom surfaces

Lapitec®, sintered stone, slabs are ideal as bathroom surfaces, because this material is completely non-porous and its solid surface is resistant to stains, mould, humidity and bacteria. 
Moreover, Lapitec® features antibacterial properties and ease of cleaning attributes: these properties make it the perfect solution for bathroom claddings and surfaces, combining elegance and workability typical of natural stone. 
A wide range of finishes and colours together with large format and invisible seams, offer to designers and architects freedom and design flexibility for bathroom surfaces, claddings, countertops and shower trays.

Ideal for bathroom sinks and countertops in one piece, claddings and shower trays

Lapitec® slabs can be functionally used as cladding for bathroom surfaces, flooring and countertops. Moreover, they are ideal for shower trays, built-in sinks and as sinks and countertops in one piece, entirely made with sintered stone material.
Large format and invisible seams ensure elegance and functionality to every kind of application.

Colours and finishes

Choose the best finishes for your Lapitec® application: “Satin” and “Lux”, silky sheen textures, are ideal for bathroom cladding and surfaces, thanks to their high degree of gloss.
Both finishes are highly resistant to scratches and abrasions and waterproof.
Colours ranging from “Antracite” black to “Bianco Polare” white inspired by the elegance of natural stone surfaces. 

Why choosing Lapitec® for bathroom surfaces

•   calibrated thicknesses of 12, 20 or 30 mm
•   completely non porous
•   resistant to mould and bacteria
•   easy to clean
•   antibacterial 
•   moisture resistant
•   dimensional stability
•   completely weather proof
•   resistant to acids and alkalis
•   resistant to deep abrasions
•   resistant to heat and high temperatures
•   resistant to staining
•   non-absorbent