Diamond Tree Villa

Veneto, Italy

A sculpture to live in.

Reinterpreting the home with an unprecedented design that takes the open-plan concept to another level. 
3ndy Studio has designed and built a home with a dynamic layout featuring fluid spaces. The name of this project, Diamond Tree, perfectly describes the aesthetic and architectural values that inspired this architecture studio: in fact, the exterior shape brings to mind the shape of the precious stone itself. The interiors continuously communicate with nature, symbolised by a tree incorporated into the villa, where materials, spaces, energy and light all blend together.

Harmony between indoors and outdoors.
Based on the concept of a parallelepiped, the shape of the building is modelled in two irregular prisms using partitions, rotations, subtractions and additions; architectural solutions aimed at creating a fluid space with no corridors to join the various zones.
The building's monolithic effect is chiselled, just like a sculpture, with a series of diamond openings, designed to create a dynamic look that allows those indoors to look outside, at the same time as ensuring that no-one can look in.
Cladding: Lapitec can turn surfaces into modern works of art.
Lapitec “full-bodied” sintered stone was used to clad the bathrooms, free-standing block and indoor swimming pool. The vertical wall at the shallow end of the indoor swimming pool features a world's first: a Lapitec slab engraved with artistic lettering. This work of art was completed by the artist Giorgio Milani using a water-jet engraving technique; it depicts a poem that the family's grandfather dedicated to his grandchildren, remembering some key moments from the family's history forever. The free-standing block, covered entirely in Lapitec, is 3.5 metres high and emerges from the swimming pool with an imposing presence, just like a stele engraved with an intense family story: it is caressed by a gentle waterfall that acts like a veil, allowing you to catch a glimpse of the words underneath, but only those who take a more careful look can really understand what is written there.

Texture and elegant functionality.

Nero Assoluto with a Vesuvio finish was chosen for the Lapitec cladding in this project, giving the rooms a kind of stern yet elegant material look and creating an effect similar to granite. The fact that the slabs are stain and water resistant made them the perfect choice for the moisture-filled rooms in the home, such as the spa area and bathrooms. 

  1. Pool & SPA
  2. Bathroom
  1. Vesuvio
    Nero Assoluto - Essenza Collection