Launched in 2019, this collection offers a new take on veining, which runs the whole way through each slab; the veining can be seen on the surface and throughout the thickness of each slab and, above all, in the heart of the material. Purity, versatility and “full-bodied” solidness in a single collection: a revolution that breaks down all barriers.

Three versions are available with the veining running all the way through the slabs: Lux, Satin and Lithos finishes, all based on the colour Bianco Assoluto and with grey veining. Bianco Elettra features veining with straight lines and sharp angles, creating an incredibly contemporary effect; Bianco Vittoria and Bianco Aurora features more sinuous veining, more marked for Bianco Vittoria and more subtle for Bianco Aurora.


The Musa collection comes in three different finishes.