Tea Room

Chongquing, China

Ying Yang in Lapitec.

A minimal and refined tea room at the Wanda international office, Nanping, south bank district in Chongqing.

The tea ceremony as a moment of gathering.

The tea ceremony is an integral part of Chinese culture. It is said that the drink was discovered by Emperor Shénnóng in 2737 BC when a leaf fell into boiling water, giving it a delicate flavor. Since then, it has become an indispensable part of the country's culture and history. Today, the ceremony is a social event that brings together families, friends, and colleagues around the table. This idea gave birth to a tea room that combines Chinese tradition with Italian design through a commercial project.

Pu'er tea black (普洱茶 pǔ'ěrchá) and Lapitec Bianco Assoluto.
The different types of tea are reflected in the choice of Lapitec shades, whose surfaces are once again absolute protagonists. The bright and ethereal space welcomes a tea table surrounded by an aura of sanctity, consisting of two monoliths in Lapitec Bianco Assoluto Vesuvio surmounted by a top in Lapitec Nero Assoluto Velluto, personalized with the owner's logo. In this table, Ying and Yang are represented as perfect and contrasting, harmoniously together.
Various applications.
The magnificent oriental gardens are recreated at the entrance of the tea room, which is accessed via platforms in Lapitec Nero Assoluto Vesuvio, surrounded by real white stones. The suggestive environment predisposes to a total immersion in oriental culture. In the showroom, Lapitec was also chosen for the kitchen countertop. Modern, elegant, and functional, with dark and matte surfaces, it accommodates essential appliances. The countertop surface, in contrast to the opacity of the furnishings, brings brightness to the environment thanks to the Lux finish of the sintered stone.

Culture and design: Lapitec in the tea room.

This tea room blends Chinese culture and Italian design, creating a luminous space for the tea ritual. Lapitec, chosen for the table and kitchen countertop, symbolizes balance and versatility.

  1. Kitchen
  1. Vesuvio
    Bianco Assoluto - Essenza Collection
  2. Velluto
    Nero Assoluto - Essenza Collection
  3. Lux
    Nero Assoluto - Essenza Collection