Private apartment block in Treviso

Veneto, Italy

Lapitec for the interior of an exquisite residential building.

Lapitec's elegant and pleasant surfaces were the perfect choice for this exclusive apartment block in Treviso. The building’s interior flooring and stairs are covered in sintered stone, brightening up the environment.

A sensorial experience for an elegant design.

A simple design and clear-cut lines create a sophisticated atmosphere that is enriched by the pleasant tactile sensations offered by the delicate touch of Satin-finish cladding.

An environment that glorifies nature.
Decorative plants are used to characterise the spaces inside, creating a pleasant visual and sensory experience that goes together perfectly with the naturalness of the chosen materials. In fact, Lapitec is a natural material par excellence, thanks to the fact that it is produced from natural mineral powders which make it unique, pure and perfect.

High-end performance.

The unique technical characteristics of Bianco Polare Lapitec with a Satin finish can really be seen here, thanks to the fact that this material is extremely easy to work with and offers the possibility to create customised shapes.
Durable, resistant and water resistant, Lapitec has all the essential characteristics for both indoor and outdoor designs requiring high standards of performance and high quality aesthetics.

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    Bianco Polare - Essenza Collection