White Ladies

Buckinghamshire, UK

A majestic home in the south of England.

An exquisite detached home in Buckinghamshire combines large spaces with the welcoming atmosphere of a family home. Overall, this home covers 500 m2 and features a large kitchen area connected to a wonderful winter garden.

An impressive kitchen.

The kitchen area revolves around an impressive 6-metre worktop that is covered in Lapitec, making the surface elegant and luxurious yet functional at the same time. Bianco Polare was the colour chosen for this design, in a Vesuvio finish.

Continuity of style.
Thanks to its ability to withstand heat, Lapitec was also chosen for the cladding around the fireplace in the living room, creating stylistic continuity with the kitchen.

A dynamic surface.

A material with unique characteristics: resistant to water, heat and abrasions, Lapitec is an avant-garde solution at the same time as being able to adapt to the daily needs of the home environment. With a Vesuvio finish, the slabs have a structured texture, creating a particularly dynamic effect on the surfaces.

  1. Kitchen
  2. Living
  1. Vesuvio
    Bianco Polare - Essenza Collection