Phil House

Verona, Italy

A black kitchen in the historic centre of Verona.

A few steps from Verona Arena stands Phil House, a 280m2 flat that in 2022 underwent interior and energy-efficient renovations carried out with due regard for its historical value, which is protected by landscape and monument constraints. The project was undertaken by ARCStudio Perlini and features a spacious kitchen with top in Nero Assoluto Velluto.

Between history and modernity.
The residence’s characteristics are still the project’s focal point: all the living spaces are uniformly covered by seminato flooring, while the wooden ceiling is coffered and the walls feature frescoes at the top, now enhanced by indirect museum-like lighting. A calcium silicate box acts as a neutral envelope on which custom-designed geometric furnishing elements, from backlit oak wall units to bookcases, cupboards and the oriental-inspired sofa, are arranged as if on a blank canvas. 
The Lapitec kitchen.
In line with the choice is the kitchen, overlooking the living room and composed of three asymmetric black volumes sartorially inserted into the space. The zones for washing and cooking, preparation and, lastly, storage, are designed to optimise the workflow and allow for a fluid and harmonious process. The style of the room begins with the choice of top: two large slabs of 12 mm thick Lapitec Nero Assoluto Velluto, made unique by a micro-graininess of the surface that is almost silky to the touch.

Unique qualities for stone kitchen tops.

The material is unique on the market and made in Italy. It was chosen by the architect for its technical performance and environmentally friendly nature, Lapitec being a sintered stone that is non-porous, easy to clean and ideal for contact with food. Ultra-resistant and potentially eternal, it is free of crystalline silica and can be reintroduced into the production process in the event of disposal.

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