Capo di Latte Gelateria

Veneto, Italy

A welcoming environment to delight the palate.

This home-made ice-cream parlour in the heart of Vicenza boasts an elegant and welcoming atmosphere. The minimalist style of the furnishings goes perfectly with the warm and bright shades of the Lapitec surfaces, which cover the worktops.

A basic and simple design.

The delicate vibrations created by the Bianco Crema with a Satin finish really enhance the interior design solutions, which are used here to create a simple and minimalist layout that focuses on the most important elements, really highlighting the craftsmanship that goes into the gelato. 

Natural materials and ingredients.
The focus on using natural ingredients is reflected in the choice of materials, which characterise the space and are the reason why Lapitec was chosen; in fact, Lapitec is made from a natural mixture of mineral powders and is used here for the worktops and countertop and for the compartments holding the ice-cream containers.

Resistant and easy to work with.

Free from resin, able to withstand both high and low temperatures and ensuring high hygiene standards thanks to the fact it is easy to clean, Lapitec represents an ideal solution for commercial properties that serve food and drink. What's more, thanks to its composition, it can also be drilled and cut to size, perfectly resisting any temperature fluctuations, making it perfect for any application. In this project, despite being only 12 mm thick, several holes were successfully made in the slabs, also quite close together, in order to house the traditional gelato containers. This was very easy to do, thanks to this material’s high level of resistance.

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