Lapitec launches new corporate showroom

The completely renewed space explores the countless opportunities for the application and processing of sintered stone. 

The subject of a major restyling and part of the company’s headquarters in Vedelago in the province of Treviso, Lapitec’s new showroom is ready to open to Italian and international customers, buyers, architects and professionals, offering an in-depth expression of the various applications and processing of sintered stone. The display area showcases Lapitec in indoor and outdoor settings and in different living spaces, from the living area to the kitchen and bathroom, with wall and floor applications and coverings for worktops and accessories. The living areas enhance the material’s workability, offering creative ideas with geometric patterns engraved at different depths, reinterpretations of panelling and combinations of shades and finishes in abstract designs. Lapitec can be freely carved, engraved, milled and cut, as it is a “full body” material with identical colours and characteristics throughout its thickness.

The technical properties of sintered stone are also evident in the kitchen and bathroom environments: the non-porous surface makes Lapitec non-absorbent and inhospitable to bacteria, fungi and mould. Sintered stone is resistant to chemicals, acids and bases, chlorine and salt spray, as well as to sudden temperature changes, extreme temperatures and UV rays, making it easier to use in service areas, spas and outdoor environments. Installation in showers and washbasin units therefore express the versatility of use in this sector, where the shades of the Essenza, Arabescata and Musa collections and the different finishes, some of which have a high friction coefficient, also ensure maximum safety for the person.

Finally, the 100% natural composition of the sintered stone, free of resins and petroleum derivatives, makes it suitable for direct contact with food, with NSF Food Zone certification, and ideal for covering kitchen worktops and counters, here combined with sinks from the Orion collection for tops with a uniform appearance. 

The showroom, designed with wooden screens that create plays on perspective and facilitate different levels of reading environments, sees the collaboration of the Gessi, Davide Groppi and Alessi brands, and is configured as a strategic space for the design world and for Lapitec’s rebranding, launched in 2019.

"The corporate showroom is the final piece of our important rebranding project," explains Marcello Toncelli, who sits at the helm of Lapitec. "The great success that followed the introduction of sintered stone onto the market in 2012, and the progressive expansion of the sectors that have taken Lapitec on board as a material of choice – kitchen, bathroom, wellness, yacht, outdoor, furnishing, and also the building sector in terms of facades and cladding – has resulted in the growth and evolution of our image and our marketing and communication materials, which also involved the study of the logo. Lapitec is a high performance surface appreciated all over the world by architecture and interior design professionals, and it had long been our desire to welcome them into a space that is consistent with its expressive potential. We are delighted with this achievement."