Lapitec in three spectacular interior design projects at Casa Decor

In an edition dedicated to sustainable design, sintered stone is featured in three settings designed by Studio MO, VG Living and Nothing Studio.

The thirtieth edition of Casa Decor is set to welcome an international audience to the historic building in Calle Goya 89 and showcase the latest trends in interior and project design through temporary installations. For the second year running, the event is promoting a programme of environmental sustainability, with the more than fifty designers involved asked to conceive original set designs using innovative materials and biophilic solutions.

Lapitec sintered stone is among the featured materials, thanks to its 100% natural composition free of crystalline silica, resins, glues, inks and petroleum derivatives. Its versatility of indoor and outdoor use provides an ideal basis on which design firms can experiment with the building’s shell and the fittings on display, through creative ideas that emphasise the event’s spirit of innovation.

One example is the design by VG Living - Virginia Gasch, where curved forms and decorative textures overlap and mingle with more genuine references to the earth in a space carrying energy and positivity. Here, the Lapitec kitchen with Lapitec Chef hidden induction cooktop, made in collaboration with Cocinas Rio, features a wavy and irregular milling in its verticality, as if the natural result of wind erosion. The processing highlights the full-body structure of sintered stone, with a characteristic veined texture throughout the surface.

Earth and rock formations return as a theme in the design by Studio MO - Marta Melián y Claudia Ribagorda. Here, the Lapitec panels anchored to the wall and highlighted by backlighting replicate the movements of the dunes of the Balearic Islands in a setting where harder, rougher material surfaces are juxtaposed with metals, woods and fine fabrics. Lapitec is expressed in this form in several tactile finishes, including the new Meridio finish, uniformly rough and created specifically for the facade market.

In their design for the Casa Décor restaurant area, Nothing Studio - Angelina Sanz y Alvaro Latorre, chose Lapitec in the warm-to-the-touch Nero Assoluto Velluto finish for the table tops, thanks to its resistance and hygienic composition, 100% safe even in direct contact with food. For the patio entrance, meanwhile, Lapitec Bianco Assoluto in the four Lux, Dune, Vesuvio and Lithos finishes creates an interplay of thicknesses and tactile sensations on the coverings and floors. In this restaurant dominated by lush greenery, the typical elements of forests (rocks and earth, wood, foliage) are expressed through a wide selection of materials that overlap and embed, creating a scenic and striking result.

Casa Decor in Calle Goya 89, Madrid, is open until 22 May.