Lapitec Academy: free training courses for professionals all over the world

The onset of Covid-19 has imposed a forced reorganisation of work practices all over the world, and although on the one hand the professionals have suffered a severe impact, on the other doors have opened onto new frontiers of communication and information.
Lapitec Academy has decided to offer a free refresher service in the coming period to fabricators around the world, through a series of free online trainings on the theme of sintered stone and the relevant machining.
How do you install a sink correctly within a top in Lapitec? How can you create decorative effects through milling, drilling, engraving and backlighting? What are the best parameters to set on milling cutters or CNC machines? The most suitable and correct practices for machining Lapitec, as well as all the secrets to get the best out of its technical and aesthetic features, highlight just some of the knowledge that will be made available to fabricators. Some of the most important information shared, and certainly very timely given the current situation, will relate to procedures for sanitising the surfaces and cleaning them after installation, with indications on the most suitable products. Finally, the online training sessions will provide an opportunity to present the new technical manual, which was completed in April 2020.
Lapitec Academy is a specialised division created specifically in order to interact with professionals; something the company is proud of, particularly as it is currently the only one on the market to offer a similar service organised in this way.
The first webinar will take place on Wednesday, April 29, at 4 p.m. (CEST - Italy). The training, in English, will be conducted by Francesco Bergamin, Lapitec Academy Coordinator, and will last 30 minutes. 

You can subscribe to the webinar using this link: