Lapitec’s Musa collection in the ADI Design Index 2020

Bianco Elettra, Bianco Vittoria and Bianco Aurora are the three colour variants of Lapitec’s Musa collection, which enhances the technical properties of sintered stone with subtle veining.

The elegant warp pervades every part of the slab (defined for this reason as “full body”) and blends with the high performance of the material, developed and produced in Italy by the homonymous company from Vedelago in the province of Treviso through a manufacturing process covered by 25 patents.

Lapitec is a unique surface at international level, the result of a mixture of 100% natural materials which, when fired at high temperatures, give rise to slabs – in a variety of sizes up to 3365x1500 mm – that are identical throughout: the outside and inside are identical, with no enamel or digital printing on the surface. This is a groundbreaking feature that enables it to be processed throughout its thickness with a consistent appearance and performance, without using resins, inks or other petroleum derivatives, thereby remaining safe and sustainable. Moreover, the non-porous surface determines its hygienic and non-absorbent properties, making it ideal for outdoor environments such as flooring, swimming pools, facades and cladding, thanks also to its resistance to extreme temperatures, sudden temperature changes, UV rays, shocks and scratches.

The versatility of use, including in applications like kitchen tops, in bathrooms, in product design, indoors and outdoors, and in yacht and nautical environments, as well the ability to combine technology, environmental awareness and aesthetic research, have contributed to the Musa collection’s inclusion in the prestigious ADI Design Index 2020

“It is a great honour for us to be among the group of companies competing for the next Compasso d’Oro,” says Marcello Toncelli, who sits at the helm of Lapitec. “Musa comes after our other two collections, Essenza and Arabescata, but is an extraordinary technological achievement thanks to its veining and also its entirely silica-free composition. In the ADI Design Index 2020 product exhibition, the material finds its highest expression in a kitchen made entirely of Lapitec Bianco Vittoria. The top, drawer and door coverings fully demonstrate the characteristics of the surface, with 45° profiles, cuts and processes that emphasise the true essence of this sustainable material.”