Eternal and beautiful, just like nature. Unalterable over time and resistant to any external attack, from atmospheric agents to graffiti, Lapitec is a material used for ventilated facades. Its technical performance is combined with an elegant appearance in a variety of finishes and surface textures, great design flexibility and availability in multiple sizes up to XXL (1540x3440 mm). Lapitec combines the warm appearance and workability of natural stone with the technical characteristics of latest-generation materials. Simply unique.

Facciata ventilata rivestimento esterno
Facciata ventilata rivestimento

Timeless resistance.

Lapitec is made by subjecting a mixture of 100% natural materials to a patented process of vacuum vibro-compression and sintering. The result is a compact, homogeneous, ultra-resistant and sustainable material with no pores on the surface. This last characteristic, in particular, makes Lapitec inhospitable to mould and dirt, as well as easy to clean: with special maintenance, graffiti can be completely removed from the surface. The Lapitec stone facade is resistant to temperature changes, extreme temperatures, UV rays, weathering, effects of time and salt spray.
Facciata ventilata dettaglio

Sustainability and healthiness, in summer and winter.

A Lapitec facade does not release harmful substances into the atmosphere. It is 100% natural and partially limits indoor noise pollution. But that’s not all: in summer, it lowers the internal temperature by reflecting heat, dispersing it and reducing radiation; the air curtain it creates also keeps heat at a distance, making indoor cooling easier. In winter, the Lapitec facade preserves the underlying insulation, which remains dry.
Assistenza ufficio tecnico facciate ventilate

Our know-how at the service of your project.

Lapitec is installed using a wide range of fixings, adapted to each individual circumstance to ensure the best and most durable result. The design possibilities of sintered stone for exterior cladding facades are many, and can be evaluated on a case-by-case basis with the professionals at Lapitec’s technical department. From complete direct assistance to intermediation with qualified and trusted professionals (installers, stone professionals, etc.), the constantly updated technical department supports and guides designers in every phase of the study and realisation of ventilated facades, in any country. 
Facciata ventilata grigio piombo


that make Lapitec ideal for ventilated facades
  1. Resistant to graffiti
  2. Resistant to UV rays
  3. Three standard anchoring systems, adapted to each project
  1. Immune to water salinity
  2. Resistant to outdoor cold and heat
  3. Resistant to atmospheric agents


Download the ventilated facades technical manual
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