Terrace in Porto Venere

Porto Venere, Italy

An incredibly elegant terrace for an incredibly charming location.

One of Italy's most enchanting locations is home to this elegant terrace, entirely paved in Lapitec. 

A layout that creates freedom and movement.

The surprising layout of the slabs creates a continuity that is repeated throughout the terrace, creating an attractive sensation of movement.


Contrasts and colours

In order to achieve a contrast with the ochre and brick red walls of the house, the Nero Antracite and Arabescato Michelangelo colour combination was chosen for the outdoor flooring, both with the subtly bush-hammered Lithos finish. An original combination of collections and colours, featuring veining on a white surface and total black - a perfect example of the endless and elegant expressive potential of Lapitec.

  1. Building
  1. Lithos
    Nero Antracite - Essenza Collection