Modern Lapitec® kitchen worktops: a synergy with Arrital, characterised by high technology and Made in Italy quality

Full body sintered stone is now featured in the Arrital catalogue.
In fact, the company has chosen Lapitec as a finish for its designer antibacterial kitchen countertops. Arrital has chosen six shades, all at the darker end of the colour spectrum: Antracite, Grigio Piombo, Grigio Cemento, Ebano, Avana and Moca. These colours, which range from warmer hues, right the way through to greys and bolder shades, will be available in two finishes. With its natural effect and silky sheen, Satin enhances the design aesthetic of the antibacterial kitchen countertops without compromising on kitchen functionality, whereas the slightly rough texture of Lithos, creates an elegant and subtle play of colours. Arrital will be using the 12 and 20 mm thick Lapitec slabs. 

“Today, Lapitec is an emerging brand that, judging from the response we’ve seen on the market, is winning the hearts of designers and consumers alike”, states Adriano Tonussi, Product Manager of Arrital. “It’s entirely ‘Made in Italy’ and is a product that unites the study of aesthetics with cutting-edge, technological performance. In fact, it’s easy to clean, anti-scratch and resistant to thermal shock. It also comes in a vast array of colours and finishes, fully satisfying the requirements and desires of designers and clients. Furthermore, the company knows how to combine product research and innovation with attention to detail – a way of working that is becoming increasingly more valued both in Italy and overseas”.

The two companies will be taking part in their first joint event, organised by Arrital in collaboration with ‘Ambiente Cucina’ magazine. ‘New design ingredients in the kitchen: a discussion on design, technology and timeless materials’ is the name of this in-depth discussion that will be inviting a select audience of architects and designers to share their ideas and thoughts on the innovations in the kitchen and antibacterial countertops manufacturing world. The event will be held at Showcase Arrital in via Melchiorre Gioia, Milan, on Thursday, 9th March 2017, from 06:30 pm. Alongside Lapitec and Arrital, there will also be another icon of innovation: the kitchen appliance company Barazza. In fact, in their respective specialisations, the three companies are all founded on the same core values and approach, which is based on the ability to research and develop leading-edge solutions with a key focus on product quality, technology and style.