Lapitec in California at Modernism Week 2021

Sintered stone, the new Made in Italy material that is taking the US by storm, has been chosen for a gorgeous home on the West Coast, thanks to Willis. 

The new edition of Modernism Week will be held from April 8 - 18, hosting a series of events, meetings and conferences dedicated to architecture and interior design; this initiative has been organized every year in Palm Springs (California) since 2006. Guided tours are at the heart of the program, giving visitors the opportunity to discover residential projects that express the typical Californian lifestyle, with large outdoor spaces and careful attention paid to the sustainability of materials.

For the restyling of Seventies Sackley, a villa in the Indian Canyons neighborhood that is one of the stop-offs on the tour, Lapitec sintered stone was chosen thanks to its green qualities and extensive customization possibilities, not to mention its elegant, warm, and natural look.

This villa dates back to 1975 and its interiors were recently renovated; it boasts an open-plan kitchen and dining area, defined by the combination of wooden cabinets and the light-colored sintered stone used for the worktops and other furnishings. 
The interiors of this Palm Springs villa were designed by Michael Ostrow and Roger Stoker from Grace Home Furnishings, and they feature a distinctive, multi-colored architectural style. 

Lapitec’s large, Made in Italy slabs are distributed in the West Coast and Canada by Willis, a Premier Sponsor of the initiative, and are featured here in a Bianco Vittoria shade with a Satin finish; the designers have made the most of the slabs’ large format to avoid any joints, thereby ensuring maximum elegance for the entire island, including the splashback. Bianco Vittoria, part of the Musa collection, is one of Lapitec's new products, the world's first to feature 100% silica-free veining all the way through the slab. 

Thanks to its 100% natural mineral composition and its intrinsic technical performance in terms of resistance, covered by 25 international patents, Lapitec is the perfect material for the kitchen: it is non-absorbent, stain-resistant, and scratch-resistant as well as being able to withstand knocks and bumps and temperature fluctuations. It is also easy to clean as it is not altered by chemical agents and is hygienic thanks to the fact that its surfaces are non-porous, preventing mold and bacteria from building up. At times like this, in the middle of a pandemic, there is an even greater need and demand to pay close attention to these aspects; Lapitec offers anti-bacterial properties that prevent the proliferation of such agents in areas covered by this patented material. All these qualities mean that Lapitec is particularly popular in the United States, where the company is enjoying strong growth.