Lapitec at Fuorisalone for Michele Perlini’s My Fun pro-ject that brings the game of marbles to Design Week

Thanks to architect Michele Perlini’s concept, design professionals, tourists and families will be able to compete just a stone’s throw from the Duomo. The track? Not sand, but Lapitec. 

One go after another until crossing the finish line, crossing bridges, tunnels, trajectories and obstacles. Everyone has played marbles at least once and remembers those carefree moments. And it is to this light-heartedness that My Fun, a project by architect Michele Perlini and which will bring Design Week to life with moments of competition and shared fun, pays tribute.
From 17 to 23 April, Milan’s Piazza Cordusio will host a 37-metre-long marble run. The track is surrounded by an oak ribbon at several heights, encircling a platform made of ecological Lapitec sintered stone, which will be the stage for dioramas of the architect’s latest projects, proposed year after year at Fuorisalone, with various awards won.
The installation will be open to the public and usable throughout the week, all day long, by anyone wishing to play with their own marbles. On Tuesday 18, Thursday 20 and Saturday 22 April, from 15:00 to 18:00, the marble run will host supervised games, challenges and mini tournaments.
“The act of kneeling down and having to touch the architecture as well as contemplate it, creates a direct connection with it, allowing us to physically immerse ourselves in the project or, more generally, in the atmosphere of design week,” says Michele Perlini, architect and creator of My Fun. “From that perspective, the city changes its appearance, everything slows down, and we can also better appreciate the construction details of the circuit and its stylistic and material choices. An example of this is Lapitec, an ultra-resistant sintered stone made in Italy, which I wanted to showcase on all the horizontal surfaces because through touch it comes to life in an ever-changing way, providing unique sensory experiences.” Lapitec will be feature in the installation in its new Musa 2023 colours.