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Velvet Finish

Velvet: the new interior collection

The name of the collection fully captures its inspiration: Velvet, a brushed surface with a delicate look and feel, just like the fabric it’s named after. The new collection extends the large surface trend that began in 2017 with the Urban collection, dedicated to exterior cladding. Velvet, however, looks to interiors with a colour palette of four shades - Brooklyn, Berlin, Casablanca and London - and three thicknesses (12, 20 and 30 mm).

As with the Urban collection, the names of the Velvet collection are a tribute to four iconic cities with distinct, identifying architectural styles. Brooklyn is a new interpretation of the colours and shades of iron alloys that gives rise to a texture with plenty of impact. London, an ash grey, evokes the tones inspired by the smoky hues of the English city in a more metropolitan, glamorous key. Berlin, on the other hand, is infused with the urban colours and atmospheres of the German capital. In a light, urban finish, Casablanca echoes the buildings of Morocco’s famed city as they create a pop of white against the Mediterranean Sea.

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