Headquarter Lapitec®, Treviso, IT: ventilated façades systems

Project Name: Headquarter Lapitec®, Lapitec® at its best
Location: Lapitec®, Treviso, IT
Date of completion: February 2014
Material: External finishes: Grigio Piombo Satin e Avorio Vesuvio (12 mm) - Internal finishes: Avorio, Vesuvio, Lux e Satin finishes (12 mm)
Application: Ventilated façades system, curtain wall, paving, cladding, tables
Description: Ventilated façades, interior cladding, doors, bathrooms, tables: in Lapitec Headquarter every surface is realized in sintered stone. 2.500 square meters of material to show the versatitlity of Lapitec® full bodied sintered stone. 
In our Headquarter's exterior cladding you can find both ventilated façades systems and curtain walls. Interiors offer a showcase of several applications of sintered stone, showing that Lapitec® is suitable for any kind of surfaces.