Lapitec® laboratory benches for the A.Parolini Institute in Bassano del Grappa.

Location: Bassano del Grappa, Italy
Project: Laboratory benches
Completion date: December 2017
Materials used: Grigio Cemento, Lux
Applications: Bench tops for the chemistry laboratory

Lapitec® is also an ideal material for
technical furnishings. Because of this, it was used to renew the laboratory benches at the Istituto Superiore Alberto Parolini in Bassano del Grappa.
In fact, Lapitec® is resistant to the most aggressive chemical agents like solvents, paints, oils, reagents in general, and even strong acids and alkalis, and its mechanical resistance is guaranteed, even after prolonged contact.
The sintered stone is also resistant to thermal shocks, scratches, abrasion, wear and impact. What's more, it is unchanged by UV rays and non-porous, an essential requirement in chemistry laboratories due to hygiene and contamination issues.