Domoteka, Poland: Kitchen island tops, wall cladding and countertops

Project Name: Domoteka kitchen
Date of completion: September 2015
Material: Nero Antracite Vesuvio-Fossil
Application: kitchen island top, kitchen top, Wall

Exhibited in the Domoteka showroom in Warsaw, this kitchen takes full advantage of the potential of Lapitec and shows off its aesthetic qualities.
The large kitchen island top, which remains suspended, starts from the side of the kitchen and is completely covered in Lapitec with Nero Antracite Vesuvio finish, designed to house the induction hob.
The same colour has also been used for the kitchen top, combined with an illuminated wall with a Fossil finish that creates an elegant and harmonious luminous effect with the rest of the kitchen, thanks to its structured surface similar to that of split stone lightened by a line of backlighting.
The dark colour of the top and the wall is combined with white lacquered cabinets that give the whole structure a modern and clean design.
Ega, Poland developed the project.