A historic hotel is reborn thanks to Lapitec® cladding and flooring for hotels

Project Name: Hotel Roma, Castelfranco Veneto, Treviso
Date of completion: February 2017
Material: Moca, Lithos finishing
Application: cladding and flooring for hotels
Architect: AD Architect Associate of Mauro Argentin and Simone Daminato, legal residence Via Toscanelli 1, Castelfranco Veneto

A historic hotel is reborn thanks to Lapitec.With original, contemporary interior design and a renovation of the architectural elements, Lapitec® cladding and flooring for hotels have breathed new life into a hotel that overlooks one of the largest and most beautiful city squares in Italy. 

Lapitec® cladding and flooring material was selected for the hotel desks in several of the rooms, as well as for the horizontal surfaces in the bathrooms. Prestige and functionality in Grigio Piombo, with a Satin finish. 
The vast renovation project included the creation of a new environment, the hotel terrace, which is now home to a restaurant and a bar. 
The entire floor, in Moca coloured Lapitec® with a slightly coarse Lithos finish - an entirely new concept with shapes that differ from contemporary aesthetic preferences - matches perfectly with the use of Moca coloured stone, but with a Fossil finish, around the sides of the panoramic terrace. 

The view of a spectacular castle from the thirteenth century, especially at sunset, offers a suggestive play of lights, both natural and artificial, that highlights the Fossil texture, pairing the Lapitec® with the glass of the large sliding windows. 

But that's not the only place where different materials meet. In the bar area the top interacts with wood, bringing design and nature together. 
The project has expanded and given new life to this hotel structure by taking a new approach and caring for every detail of the architecture.