Lapitec and Maistri kitchens: Giza is a big hit at the 2014 Salone del Mobile

Giza, the Maistri kitchen designed by Alberto Minotti and built entirely in Lapitec®, is unveiled for the first time. The simplicity of the kitchen’s design, combined with the material’s strong visual impact, are the elements that attracted the attention of hundreds of visitors.   

Simplicity always pays off. This is the concept that designer Alberto Minotti based Giza on. The choice to maintain clean and essential lines, eliminating anything that is not strictly necessary or that is purely trendy, turned out to be an absolutely appropriate one. The name itself – Giza – evokes something that is everlasting and unique, just like the Egyptian pyramid that to this day is a prime example of eternity and perfection. 
Lapitec® in Satin finish was utilized to build the counter top, the cabinets and the drawers in the specially selected Bianco Crema and Ebano colours. This combination fully expresses the concepts of simplicity and extreme durability. Thanks to its extreme versatility and mechanical resistance, the material is perfectly capable of conferring prestige and grandeur to any kitchen, making them true works of art.       

Timeless beauty

The Giza kitchen is made of 20mm thick Lapitec® Slabs which do not require further laminas or support structures, and which can be cut in any shape and size without the slightest imperfection. Its extreme versatility and wide range of finishes and shades, which recall natural colours, make Lapitec® highly customizable. The Bio-Care technology integrated in the production process, makes Lapitec® hygienic and free of mould and bacteria. The specific weight of only 2,4 Kg/dm3 makes it an ideal material for the kitchen’s cabinets and drawers. Moreover, Lapitec® ensures maximum resistance to any external agent, both acid and basic, it is perfectly capable of withstanding high temperatures and it has a brightness that is purer than that of gloss lacquer.