Lapitec in Madrid for Casa Decor 2021

The new edition of Casa Decor, Spain’s annual event dedicated to new trends in interior design and architecture, will be held in Madrid from 13 May to 27 June. The Italian company Lapitec will be presenting two settings at the event, one indoor and one outdoor, exploring the various collections, shades and finishes available as well as the many different ways to use this sintered stone of the same name.

Living room Fifth Seasons is the first setting: designed by Angelina Sanz, this stand presents a modern conversation area with kitchen and cocktail bar, creating an urban feel; this area is enhanced by its play on material and colour effects and features different interpretations of Lapitec. The hob is made from slabs in Bianco Polare with a Vesuvio finish, measuring 12 and 20 mm thick; the cocktail bar, on the other hand, uses 12 mm-thick slabs from the Musa collection, in Bianco Vittoria with a Satin finish, which is softer to the touch. This designer highlights Lapitec’s high level of resistance to temperature fluctuations and to the high temperatures around the hob, as well as its hygiene performance, thanks to the fact that the surfaces are completely non-porous. The living area uses the same shades and finishes as the kitchen, except this time we find them on the wall. This design choice not only customises the stand, but also presents yet another way to use sintered stone: as cladding.

The second setting, designed for Casa Decor by Ana Robles, complements the first and presents an outdoor terrace scene, complete with its own green area. This design explores the coexistence of light and dark colours; here, we find a bench with a simple design made from Lapitec in Arabescato Perla with a Lithos finish, as well as a fountain in Lapitec, this time in Ebano with Dune and Lux finishes which, when used together, create plays on light along the surface. For this outdoor feature, sintered stone is used in direct contact with water, also being submerged; this is possible thanks to the fact that the surfaces are completely non-absorbent. This performance is the result of the complex process used to produce Lapitec, making this material ideal for worktops, furnishings and both horizontal and vertical cladding, both indoors and outdoors. Covered by 25 international patents and made exclusively from 100% natural minerals, Lapitec guarantees sustainability and high performance, in line with the theme for this year's Casa Decor event: “Sustainable Casa Decor”, promoting an environmentally friendly green culture.