Rainscreen facades

Lapitec® slabs are ideal for rainscreen facades and ventilated systems mechanically fixed. High resistance to high temperatures, frost, UV rays and high-speed wind, makes Lapitec® sintered stone ideal for a long lasting exterior cladding.
Lapitec® is also “self-cleaning”, thanks to Bio-Care technology which gives to slabs super hydrophobic properties that facilitate the breakdown of organic compounds. It also guarantees anti-graffiti and anti-polluting properties.

Flexibility and freedom for your design

Thickness commonly used in rainscreen facades slabs must ensure resistance to the entire structure. Lapitec® is produced with calibrated thickness of 12 mm, perfect to be mechanically fixed in exterior cladding, offering a lightweight and resistant application. 
Large slabs measuring 3365x1500 mm allow design flexibility for a wide range of architectural applications, with invisible joints even for details and particular shapes.

Colours and finishes

Most commonly used finishes for ventilated facades are “Fossil” and “Vesuvio”, offering a coarse surface similar to natural split stone.
A wide range of elegant colours is available to architects and designers who love freedom and flexibility in their designing materials. 

Why choosing Lapitec® for Rainscreen Facades

•    calibrated thicknesses of 12, 20 or 30 mm
•    unaffected by UV rays
•    moisture resistant
•    completely weather proof
•    self-cleaning
•    highly resistant to staining
•    highly resistant to scratches
•    highly resistant to deep abrasions
•    highly resistant to heat and high temperatures
•    resistant to frost
•    dimensional stability
•    completely non porous
•    resistant to mould and bacteria
•    easy to clean
•    antibacterial 
•    anti-graffiti
•    resistant to acids and alkalis
•    non-absorbent
•    no tone variation